Frontier's Fortune Inn and Tavern

Frontier’s Fortune Inn and Tavern

Stylized after a frontier lodge from the expansionist days of the Empire, Carl Immosen is the half-elf bard who owns and operates the inn and tavern. It’s proximity to the magic item shops in Moutainside Terrace makes it a mainstay for adventurers who have coin to spend, and for locals who want a chance to hear some good yarns spun by those that live life outside the (relative) safety of the Upper and Middle city.

Patrons of note:

  • Okha Stonecrusher – Captain of the City Ogrewatch. He enjoys a red lager and roasted mushrooms.
  • Enzo – A fiend of an indeterminate type. A freelance lawyer with clients on every level of the city. Often seen drinking a pitch black spirit with a single blue ice cube.
  • Ambassador Franz Kaislerwaffler – A gargantuan mottled dragon from the north, who takes the form of a rotund human while partaking in the Frontier’s weekend brunch special.
  • Jimmy “Big Ears” – A kobold busboy. Overhears everything and steals leftovers. Not because he’s poor, but because he’s not allowed to and he savors the thrill of minor disobedience.
  • Lindaeleyu Loreyaulwrey – A noble, half-elf researcher from High City, specializing in Invasion-Era Arcanology. “Linda” says she comes for the drinks, but stays for the hunks.
  • Nipzot – A kobold master-trapbuilder and contractor. A glass of green wine will last him an evening.

Frontier's Fortune Inn and Tavern

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