Party Magic Item Inventory

Party’s Magical Item Inventory

Item Name – Magical Aura, attunement if needed

Alchemist’s Field Kit – Abjuration
See Socket’s Workshop

Amulet of Disguise – Transmutation
An obsidian gem on a silver necklace. Touch the gem and concentrate on a new appearance and/or voice, and you will gain a +10 to Deception (Charisma) checks to disguise yourself, which lasts for one hour. Your statistics remain the same, although you may have the appearance of wings or claws without their functionality. Your clothing and gear is unaffected. Illusion detection will not reveal the disguise, but a true sight spell or similar ability will. The ability can be used once every 24 hours.

Socket’s Notes: I could soup this item up a bit (either the uses per day or disguise duration) if you brought me some more parts from a creature that can polymorph.

Headband of Detect Magic – Divination
A silk headband with a petrified chuul eye woven in the centre. As part of their movement, a character can place the eye over their own and cast detect magic at will.

Darkvision Goggles – Divination
Goggles made from the skull and eyes of an umberhulk. A character wearing it gains darkvision 60 ft. A character that already has darkvision has their darkvision extended by 60 ft.

Inferno Gauntlets – Evocation
Bulky gauntlets that are patterned after molten rock. As a bonus action, a melee weapon you hold is transformed into a white-hot substance resembling molten lava for one minute. The bearer is immune to the weapon’s heat, and all your attack damage with that weapon is treated as magical fire damage in addition to its regular types. This ability recharges when the gauntlets are left in a heat source (like a campfire or an oven) for ten minutes.

Socket’s Notes: These gauntlets also absorb all heat, allowing you to safely handle hot objects like red hot forged steel or pans of brownies, but they don’t give you any resistance to fire damage. In spite of the heat they produce, they are always quite cool on the inside. I tried to get the gauntlets to work with bows and crossbows, but they just ended up burning the string or warping the wood. If you’re in a pinch for materials, you can cast a first level fire-based invocation spell as a ritual into the gauntlets to charge them.

Devilpact Weapon – Evil, requires attunement
After defeating Kusari the Chain Devil, he proposed a Devilpact. In exchange for sparing his life, for 100 years he will possess a non-magical weapon for you. This gives the weapon the magical and evil aligned traits, +1 to attack rolls, and an extra die of damage. In exchange for taking a year off his service, he will transfer the possession to a different non-magical weapon of your choice. A devilpact weapon ignores any attempt to magically alter it further.

Socket’s Notes: Err… ask a priest or a lawyer about this sort of thing. Maybe that red guy who hangs out at the tavern?

Party Magic Item Inventory

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