Cosmology of Maelstrom

The (Simplified) MicroCosmology of Maelstrom

The current understanding of the MicroCosmology of Maelstrom by the Academics of Elevenra University. Locations are presented by name, and by its [arcane or spiritual affinity] from which casters draw power.

The Overcast [Good/Air] – Invisible floating continents in the sky where angels and good outsiders that are stranded in Maelstrom congregate. There is no recorded instance of an outsider returning to the Overcast after descending, so the outsiders that dwell there rarely leave. Most of The Overcast exists over The Sea.

The Sea [Water/Neutral] – Home of the aquatic races of Maelstrom. More connected than the nations of the land, most aquatic nations have at least heard of their neighbors on the opposite side of the supercontinent. At the edge of the sea is The Drop, an expanse of suffocating, oxygenless water that folds into ether and loops back on itself. Don’t think about it too hard.

The Land [Neutral] – The supercontinent surface of Maelstrom. Home to many nations and races, some of which have yet to contact each other. Absolutely, definitely, the only large land mass on Maelstrom. Without a doubt.

The Underdeep [Earth/Law] – The name given to the network of tunnels and caves that crisscross the entirety of Maelstrom’s supercontinent. Exponentially expanded during the Invasion, with the Maitana leaving behind useful tunnels after their retreat.

The Damned Deep [Fire/Evil] – The place below the Underdeep, where outsiders like demons and devils who have found themselves stranded in Maelstrom tend to make their domain.

Semi coterminous demiplanes – Their nature is still a matter of debate.

The Fable [Neutral/Chaotic] – A reach of wild magic where a handful of fairy lords maintain power. Permanent crossover exists in the space between the Giant Lands and Elevenra’s southernmost border.

The Ether [???] – A semi-real plane that exists as a reflection of all others.

The Dream [???] – This doesn’t exist, who keeps putting this in the records?

Cosmology of Maelstrom

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